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January 14, 2009


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Enjoy this fantastic silhouette candyshop, everyone.  Please show the artists some love.

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:thumb71403261:                The Sky Is Pink by clem13                Pink by EvanescentMoon                
On Your Own by super-glue                Accession by r51                wINTERNESS 3 by BenoitPaille
Fly up in the sky by Niktoria                Trade - Moonshine Mermaid by the-system                :thumb13881092:
Silhouette Purple by ashsivils                Freerunner by Evil1302                :thumb100427771:
Indigo by andipandixx                :thumb98407145:                silhouette is hard to spell by ffuuzz
:thumb78125122:                Free As A Bird by gilad                :thumb17597801:
Blue Silhouette- by luzifer-photos                Step Further by DerDave                ties by mykwee88
time stops by emsvangoth                princess on the water by photoport                voodoo by capitolblueart
Shadow Dancer by decipher-reflections                Daydreamer... by catpuff-noir                At Night by chakrabird
Don't wake her up by girltripped                :thumb104320334:                In This World.. by JendiGirl
Green Silhouetted Dancers by FuriousEnnui                smoking silhouette by conradicalista                silhouette. by trueillusions
Nightmare by Frall                Underwater Handstand by Secretcow                Floor Jansen silhouette by Oxhine
:thumb106170483:                Hat and stripes - 2 by matmoon                pop green by inkabelle
Umbrella Duet by Forezt                Waiting for the rain by dreeft                :thumb50137447:
silhouette7 by redhotkatipepper                Silhouette Portrait by reactivatezul                :thumb101925496:
Paradis Perdu by Lazylad                couple on sunset retreat by obsupergirl                people under flames 3 by vinnoo
Fountain Silhouette by tfavretto                Silhouette by Varish                :thumb40252980:
:thumb84483525:                :thumb107132873:                Silhouette by TchaikovskyCF
that's the way my love is by aeon-100                Good Morning by Amatorka                su vol.2 by whoa-melly
:thumb89705728:                Reaching for the Sun by Azmyst                Isn't It Bliss by cassetteject
:thumb53282439:                redruM silhouettE by Steiner62                Family in the Dark by KitsuneSakakino
Mea Culpa by NefertariLuna                                
Viola Silhouette by deuseximmortalis                :thumb86971762:                silhouette by thebluestar98
:thumb102195233:                Love's Shadow by Thekombucha-mushroom                Flower Girl by Kcocina
retrogirl pink by MKanzy                make it hurt by mykwee88                embryo by Elektrische
Silhouette by raelife                :thumb63199025:                Reflecting Pond Boy by meissneralex
:thumb83887899:                Figure 001 by lastchapter                NEVER by metindemiralay
Coming down the barrel by gilad                Caged by erinshortridge                free me. by smokedval
Hover by pagehall                The Question by Toranih                Face Down by biueroses
tuhupa by TheridioN                Stolen by 6eternity9                broken angel 2nd by ovum
:thumb95010215:                :thumb95061160:                selfportrait 3 by PhiGun
:thumb105817503:                Cabaret by aceoft                Silhouette I by heliofobia
:thumb104754919:                music passion by marcinsrodek                Friday Mornings by stolentime
:thumb83228059:                :thumb101632939:                Vern by CatchMe-22
Lost in the fog by laurentdudot                Sam I Am by SilverSkies07                Perfection by fripturici
12263 by malkiewicz                :thumb59916502:                Rimini ::1 by MisterKey
Thru and thru by foureyes                :thumb44990059:                ownerless by duez
drowned by klaustrophobie                Black vs. White by bedtimestorys                other side by willko
Attraction by AlexandraSophie                                :thumb42304312:
Light on by elygreenOo                Do you have a light? by NIKITAgirl                :thumb93611862:
Rider Reading by PoisonGirl-sts                                elle danse by exhalesvanillalace
7. by innaartystka                lights by zumoso                solitude by serhatdemiroglu
Young Mary Poppins by Marinshe                Ferrara ::1 by MisterKey                pas de deux a Madrid by cahilus
catch the life by utopic-man                M XX 01 by metindemiralay                :thumb105119654:
motherhood2 by lenox1515                :thumb22189965:                :thumb97024113:
Love by the lips. by Bluvertical                :thumb36953504:                HP-Into your LIGHT by Nachan
lightened by ochira                :thumb104277236:                :thumb75394033:
umbrella  love by devilicious                Harry vs the Dementor by greyflea                Tortures by capitainecroc
silhouette by staindwing                Silhouette by CouldntCareless                Silhouette by kris-comp
Silhouette by ThatRamenChick                silhouette by gimpPAC
Encounter in Silhouette by sororitysheep                Silhouette by MonkeyCadaver
Silhouette by Goekhans
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Quphy Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
Can't describe how lovely it is
muffinmonkey Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
very very nice, I had to restrain myself from faving everything.
Evil1302 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
love it :excited:
conradicalista Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2009   Photographer
sweet! thanks.
reactivatezul Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009   Photographer
::: THANK YOU VERY MUCH piuccheperfetto!!!
::: i'm in shock u like my 'ordinary' silhoutte picture
::: [hehehe] because for me, it's just ordinary !!!
::: thank you again, i'm so pleased by this honor..

~ ReActivateZul :love::heart::alphaosiris::date:
gimpPAC Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009   General Artist
Hey thanks for featuring my piece...I really like how you arranged them in a rainbow palette. :)
piuccheperfetto Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
You are most welcome! :D
ovum Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
AMAZING! just the compilation,and its colorful, make even superb!! :picknose:

keren banget deh *bahasa = it's so cool!
piuccheperfetto Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! And thank you for :heart:ing... always appreciated!
inkabelle Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009   Photographer
i'm honoured to be included within such a fine collection of works... thanks!! xx
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